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Climate change is a big issue in politics, in the news and in the supermarkets as we all try and do our bit for the planet and assuage our guilt at how many lights we left turned on and how many nights we slept with the heater running. Fortunately, when we do get out our wallets we can look for much more than environmentally friendly paper towel, car manufacturers are also getting on the climate change guilt trip band wagon.

While no one is denying that we all want to help save the planet, not all manufacturers are as successful at going green, but that doesn't stop them trying, which we love to see. Limousines spend their lives on the road and as such are a significant contributor to emissions. Therefore, BMW have released a new 7-Series Hydrogen 7 luxury car to start the process of change.

The hydrogen powered Seven is made to look and feel like any other BMW with all of the luxury and style you would expect from the manufacturer, but it also has a conscience. The Hydrogen Seven has a V12 760Li engine which has been adapted to combust hydrogen in a naturally aspirated engine. Unfortunately since there is both a hydrogen and a petrol engine in the new BMW it is almost only a long wheelbase limousine in name as the extra fuel tank is in the boot of the limo, meaning there is only an inch more leg room than you would have in the BMW sedan.

There are also a number of cooling and insulating extras for the special hydrogen tank which have compromised the drive of the Hydrogen Seven. Not only does the extra fuel tank add another 200kg to the car's weight, this also affects the brake horsepower making the car much more 'leisurely' to drive. However the additional weight and the cut in power are rarely noticeable when the BMW limo is driven through city streets making it the perfect alternative for chauffeurs who aren't after a sporty saloon, but more of a smooth ride and a lower fuel consumption.

Limo passengers are also more likely to be on the lookout for limousines with lower emissions and better fuel economy now that they know such technology exists so it will be nice for limo hire companies to be able to offer the BMW Hydrogen Seven.

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