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The public's fascination with sporting events, and going to stadiums, to watch them dates back to the Roman times and the Colosseum. Getting to and from a modern stadium today with ten of thousands of other fans can be a logistical nightmare. In fact, even getting in and out of the stadium itself can be a dangerous hazard.

A St. Louis Cardinals fan was seriously injured when he plunged two stories from a Shea Stadium escalator Saturday night, officials said. Jason Larson, 26, of St. Louis, fell after attempting to slide down a banister in the D section about 10 p.m. during the Mets game, according to a source.

Limousine driver Nick Giannotti, who was waiting outside the stadium for the fans to be let out, witnessed the incident, saying that the noise of the fan hitting the ground was a terrible sound, that he hoped would never hear that again. The victim was rushed to New York Hospital Medical Centre of Queens, where he was in serious condition, authorities said.

The escalator was turned off at the time of the accident; apparently this is customary toward the end of the game, which the Mets lost 10-8 in extra innings. In a statement, the team said, "We have been advised of an accident that resulted in a fan attending tonight's game to be sent in an ambulance to an area hospital. The Mets, the city Parks Department and the New York police are investigating the incident."

Getting to a baseball game at Shea Stadium or any other major sporting event can pose a few problems. The smart thing is to forget about driving and trying to find a park, instead go in style and ride in the back of a hired limo. With a hired limo you can be sure that can get to the game on time; your chauffer will drop you off as close as possible to entrance of the stadium - giving you the best chance of securing a good seat.

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