Limo Office Targeted

Once it was liquor stores and service stations that were the likely targets of robbers. But, now it seems the decadence and affluence that is associated with a luxury limousine, has made the offices of the limo hire industry a target.

Police are investigating whether there is a connection between two robberies committed in Linden by men armed with shotguns. They are looking for a group of young men who are believed to have committed the two robberies, one on a limo hire company office and the other at a diner.

No one was injured in either incident, which took place within 45 minutes and within three miles of each other. According to police the first robbery took place at 11:30 p.m., when two suspects entered the Capital Limousine hire company office on East Elizabeth Avenue and demanded money. One of the suspects was holding a shotgun and began yelling at the manger to give him the money. When the intruders were told by the manager there was no money in the office, the second suspect grabbed a twenty dollar bill and a pack of cigarettes off the counter. The suspects then fled the store.

The luxury limo hire industry is very careful about its reputation and image. And while it normally dotes on publicity, news about a robbery of a limo hire company office is not the sort of publicity it wants. The fact that three female customers were also robbed at the second robbery and the fact that police think the two crimes were related is not welcomed news. People may question how safe it is to hire a limo.

Customer safety is of paramount importance to luxury limo hire industry. The fact that the industry has been able to offer safe, luxurious transportation at an affordable price has been one of the reasons for its success.

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